mariloupe said: I'm attending in 3 weeks to a wedding where I'll be the babysitter. Any suggestions on what to wear? Thank you and I love your blog!


Ummm , try to wear something that you can run around in that’s comfy but also appropriate for a wedding ! I think a cute playful romper would be greats ! It’s comfy and you can run behind kids in it .

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[TRANS] Forbes Power Leader 2013

GD has over 120 songs listed on Korea Music Copyright Association and is known to earn about 100000000₩s a year.

GD’s gestures may make him look ‘cocky’ but GD says this. “I’m just doing what I do, Music”.

In Korea people especially separate idols and artists but I believe idols are artists. 

Reason why I get good comments is because people think that my music is from ME not what others make for me. 

Q: When did u decide to become an artist?

GD: In 4th grade I heard the song “Cream” by “Wu-Tang Clan” and I was shocked and inspired by it.

GD won first place in a dance festival at a ski resort and he caught SM’s eyes and trained in SM for 5 years.

Q: What music do u listen to lately?

GD: There’s one album I listen to everyday. It’s by this rapper,Trinidad James.

GD: I had a compulsive need to make “New” things every time I writes a new song but now I feel like that’s changing.

Teddy from 1TYM is my life mentor. -GD

Although I’m young, I spent half of my life on stage. I’m the most confident when I’m on stage

However on Variety shows, I am no better than other comedians so I become shy and my weak spots show up.

 I think everyone has something like “Pain of creation” It became harder to expose my thoughts to the world.

The pain of creation increases but when I see my fans who love my music, the pain disappears like nothing happened.

I learned a lot from Teddy since I was little.My music is always consulted by him. He is my music and life mentor.

Q:What do you do in your free time?

GD: I like traveling and I get musical inspirations as I rest.

GD said he gets inspirations from movie quotes and as he talks with objects.

 I want to do music regardless of the genre.I don’t want ppl to like me because I’m GD/BIGBANG/YG but because of my music.

 I think I’d be happy if I could grow old as I do music without any big disorder. Oh. And I don’t want to lose my “feels”.

When we asked if GD ever has plans of becoming a CEO like YG/SM/JYP, he said he never really thought about it.

GD was chosen as the #1 idol who would be the next YG/JYP/SM but GD said he “fears” it.

 Even if I run a business I feel like it would be under YG’s help (Laughs) I think musicians look the best as a musician.

But if I had to run a business,I kinda want to do something with people who has same interest in me in fashion & culture.

Q: When was the happiest moment?

GD: I’m happy now but sometimes I take things for granted since I’m a human.

When I was a trainee, I only worked for one goal, music. I was the happiest in my trainee years. 

Q:What is music to you?

GD: Music is music. Nothing more,nothing less. Whenever u listen, you become happy and relieved.

It’s important to convey a message in a song but also it should be a song that makes a moment good and memorable.

YG entertainment said GD’s world tour will start out in Korea, Japan and go to many countries around the world.

This is the  interview!

Pics Credit: ㅇㄱㅁ@DCGD l Translated by: @BIGBANGGisVIP


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